Private Capital Funding

For The Oil & Gas Industry
Oil and gas processor.

Unique Financing Options

There is no product on the Market like PetroAlpha.

Grow production through the drill bit, emerging technology or strategic acquisition. PetroAlpha allows for full drill plan and acquisitions to be financed in one credit facility.

  • Don’t relinquish larger portion of equity
  • No outside Management Team
  • Obtain capital for drilling and bolt-on acreage to increase production
Oil and gas processor.

Upstream Loan Evaluation

PetroAlpha’s evaluation process focus on proprietary oil and gas

predictive analytic, and production forecasting models.

Oil and gas processor.

About PetroAlpha

PetroAlpha’s Directors are creators of the industry’s leading oil and gas predictive analytic, production forecasting models.

We provide existing Operators in North America with the capital needed to increase production beyond their current runway.

Targeted minimum transaction amount set at $50MM.

Oil and gas processor.