ESG Risk


PAE pursues projects that promote environmental responsibility and innovation. All
projects must exceed current federal, state and local environmental regulation and full compliance is required for the term of each loan. Our goal is to encourage responsible energy exploitation that reduces CO2 emissions and encourages strategies that result in the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere.


Social factors can affect a projects financial success. PAE requires social consciousness from each borrower including a review of each borrower’s policies related to human resources, safety and community interaction. PAE will not engage in transactions with parties that have a history of social controversy or who do not embody policies that represent social accountability.


How each borrower adopts and manages their policies and procedures for dealing with the environmental and social topics outlined above are essential and reviewed by PAE as part of our credit approval process. Each borrower must demonstrate the ability to govern itself, make effective decisions and comply with the law as a covenant to receiving credit.